Texas Czech Genealogical Society
Texas Czech genealogical Society

Operating Year: January - December 2017

Board of Directors
Chairperson: La Verne Knezek
Vice Chairperson: Cecil Dobecka
Member At Large: Henry Holub
President: Frank Kalbac
Vice President: Carroll Brincefield
Secretary to Board: Gladys Valchar
President: Frank Kalbac
Vice-President: Carroll Brincefield
Secretary: Gladys Valchar
Treasurer: Leslie Gerik Nelson
Standing Committee Chairperson
Membership: Merlene Bravenec
Events (ex officio): Carroll Brincefield
Books Publications (acting): Frank Kalbac
Ceske Stopy Editor: Marjorie Kultgen
Publicity: Sara Barton
Product Sales: Nancy Machu
Electronic Media (Webmaster): Danny Leshikar
Electronic Media (Facebook): Leslie Gerik Nelson
Electronic Media -Online Sales: Leslie Gerik Nelson
Member Training: Carolyn Holub
Research Library: Allen Martinets
Special Projects Chairpersons
Chaplain: John Gantt
Concernment: Ed Kocurek
Cz. Republic Liaison: Darwin Machu
Cz. Veterans' Wall of Honor: John Stasny
Photographer: Dotty Davis
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